How to make a Friendship Hat

Here’s how to create your very own friendship hat using paper, colouring pencils and glue for carnival, a fancy dress party, school play or other special fun events.

What you need

To make your Friendship Hat you will need:

Step 1 Cutting the paper

Cut a sheet of A4 paper in four strips landscape

Step 2 Glue two strips

Glue two strips together with a 2cm overlap and keep aside

Step 3 Creating the Cupped hands

In the next stage you need to fold an A4 sheet of paper in half , landscape, and draw a cupped hand. Cut 3 of these.

Once you have your cupped hands draw the circle that will fit in between the hands.

Step 4- Make the figures

Using the off cuts, fold the paper and draw half a figure with hands in the air. Cut 7 big ones and 9 small ones.

Step 5

Draw a world map on the circle you cut, then colour all the components you have cut. You can use colour pencils, crayons, felt tips and paints etc.

Step 6

Glue your bigger figures in sets, 1 set of 3 and 2 sets of 2  you  will need the smaller figures later.

Step 7

Place a pair of hands, the globe and the set of 3 figures face down. Tape a straw on the back in the centre so it becomes one piece as in the picture below. If you do not have a straw you can use either a lollipop stick, garden stick or skewer

Step 8 – Adding the headband

Glue the shape to the centre of the headband and size to your head.

Step 9 – Attaching the figures

Glue a set of two figures in the middle of the other two cupped hands. Then glue the complete shape, one each on either side of the headband, making sure the side of the fingers are touching like in the picture below.


Step 10

Glue the smaller figures on the front, starting in the middle below the world, fanning outwards on either side.

Well done!! You now have a Friendship hat.

You can choose different colours and make your own shapes to create your own friendship hat design. You can also add glitter, shiny paper or gems to make it twinkle.

Now you know how to do it have fun making a hats to share with friends and families

We would love to see your fantastic creations so please share your pictures with us on social media @mahoganycarnival.

Thank you for using our template. We hope you enjoyed making your hat and we look forward to seeing you on our next creative making carnival workshop.