How to make a Carnival Headdress

What you need

Step 1 - Make the headband

  1. Cut a sheet of A4 paper in half, horizontally and glue together with a 2cm overlap to make a long strip like the image below. This is your headband. Puthe headband around your head to see if it fits.
  2. You may need to add another strip if it doesn’t fit.

3. Lay your headband flat, put another sheet of A4 sheet of paper horizontally in the middle. Slant it so the left side is 4cm off the headband, the right is 4cm above and the centre is lined up in the middle.

4. Mark the overlap with a pencil lightly then glue the sheet in position on the headband as in the images below. Keep aside.

Step 2- Decorating the headband.

5. On another sheet of A4 paper draw a curvy shape which represents music paper like the image below.

6. Colour and cut out the shape.

7. Colour the headband and base to match the curvy shape.


8.Glue the shape onto the base of the headdress you made. Start with the bottom left side and glue the shape until the middle. Leave the right side sticking out.

9.Use the images below as a guide. Keep aside.

Step 3 - Making the Music Notes & People


10. Draw, colour and cut some musical notes in different colours and sizes. Keep aside.


11. Draw, colour and cut a crowd of people dancing in carnival costumes. Keep aside.

12. Glue some silver foil flat on a sheet of A4 paper. You can use kitchen foil. Using a blunt pencil draw 5 steel pans of different sizes on the foil as in the image A below.

Image B is a guide to what a steel pan looks to help you with you drawings. We have included some measurements to guide you

13. Cut them out.

Step 4- Assembling the headress

14. Put glue on the back paper side of the biggest steel pan and place it on the bottom left side, like an earing. Then following that process again, glue and place the second biggest steel pan next to it on the bottom edge of the curvy shape.

Do the same with the rest of the steel pans going in size order as in the image below


15. Glue one crowd of people above the biggest pan on the left side and the second one on the right side.

16.Glue the musical notes above the steel pans as in the pictures below.




You can add your own creation to your carnvial headdress to make it more creative and colourful. 


We would love to see your fantastic creations so please share your pictures with us on social media @mahoganycarnival.

Thank you for using our template. We hope you enjoyed making your Carnival Headdress and we look forward to seeing you on our next creative making carnival workshop.