How To Create a Magical Aquarium

What you need

What you need to create a Magical Aquarium

Step 1 - Making the Aquarium

1.Take an empty cereal box, with a ruler draw a 2cm boarder around it, then cut the middle out creating a window

2. Carefully open the box so it’s completely flat

Step 2 - Making the Water

  1. Get 2 or 3 sheets of different coloured blue and green tissue paper and tear them into small pieces.
  2. Glue the shades of blue and green tissue paper on the big panel of the box and all around the outside tabs.                                                     
  3. Then tear 1 sheet of yellow and orange tissue paper into small pieces and glue onto the small panel under the window you cut out.  Follow the pictures below.

If you don’t have tissue paper and glue you can colour the water and sand on the box using coloured pencils, markers or paints to create a sea effect.

Step 3 -Making the Sea Creatures, Coral and Seaweed

  1. From a sheet of A4 paper and the off cut from the cereal box, draw different sea creatures, seaweed, and coral. You can make as many as you like. Have a look in books and online at the amazing variety of life in the sea and choose other creatures like dolphins, sharks, manta rays, whales and tropical fish. You can use some of these to make your aquarium unique.

Leave a gap at the bottom of the coral and seaweed as you will need to fold this part back when sticking it into the aquarium off the back wall.

2. Now colour in the creatures and seaweeds you drew and cut them out. You can make them magical by adding some sparkle.

Step 4 –Putting the aquarium together

1.Glue some of the seaweed and coral on the back panel.

2.Glue and tape the box back together

3. You can paint the outside of the box or use coloured wrapping paper, if you have some, to make the outside of the box look good.

4. Once the box is dry, glue the remaining seaweed and coral inside your box. Fold the bottom of the seaweed and coral at the 2cm gap at the bottom and glue the folded bit to the orange and yellow panel away from the back wall nearer to the front to create a 3D effect.

Step 5 -Hanging your creatures in your aquarium.

1. Using a needle and thread hang the sea creatures. Ask a grown up to help you.Put a long piece of thread through the top of each creature and using the needle punch a hole in the cereal box at the top, pull the thread through and tie it off as in the pictures below. Think carefully about where you want each creature to be. To make an interesting 3D effect hang some at the front and some at the back, some high and some low.



You can add any sea creatures to make it more creative and more waves.

Have fun with your Aquarium


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Thank you for using our template. We hope you enjoyed making your aquarium and we look forward to seeing you on our next creative making carnival workshop.