How to make a Magical Ocean Headdress

What you need

What you need to make a magical Ocean Headdress

  • 7/8 sheets of A4 paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • A Ruler
  • Glue
  • Colour pencils/markers/
  • Tape

Step 1 - Making the headband and headdress base

1.Cut a sheet of A4 paper in half, horizontally, and glue together with a 2cm overlap to make a long strip like in the photo below. This is the headband. Put the strip around your head to see if it will fits. You may need to add another piece of paper if it does not go all the way round

  1. Lay your headband flat, put another sheet of A4 paper horizontally in the middle. Slant it so the left side is 4cm off the headband, the right side is 4cm above and the centre is lined up in the middle. Mark the overlap with a pencil lightly then glue the sheet of paper in position on the head band as in the picture below

3. Once glued, draw a wavy line at the bottom as in the pictures below. Make sure the wavey line is not wider than 15cm. We have put some measurements in the pictures to help you

4. Cut out the curvy shape. This is your headdress base. You can add colour or water patterns if you want to. Keep it aside for later.

Step 2 Drawing and Colouring the Creatures and Plants

Draw, colour and cut out different sea creatures and sea plants, they can be all different sizes. You can use the samples below as a guide to help you. We have included some measurements to help you choose a good size

You can add sequins, glitter and other reflective materials to make your creatures look magical.  Look in books to choose colourful sea creatures with interesting shapes to make your headdress unique

Step 3- Arranging the Sea Creatures and Plants on your Headdress base

Arrange the sea creatures and plants where you would like them to be on your headdress base and once you are happy with how they are arranged stick them down. You can use the sample layout in the images below as a guide to help you.







Step 4 –The Final touches

Once everything is glued down turn the hat over and neaten up the edges of the curved shape around where the face will be and make it fit your head

You can add many different creatures, coral, water patterns, shells and other things that you can find in the ocean.  We have used the octopus like an earring to make our design interesting where it frames the face.



You can add some glitter to the sea creatures to make it more creative and sparkle.

Have fun with your Ocean Headdress


We would love to see your fantastic creations so please share your pictures with us on social media @mahoganycarnival.

Thank you for using our template. We hope you enjoyed making your aquarium and we look forward to seeing you on our next creative making carnival workshop.


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